What’s being sprayed in the sky over St Petersburg Florida?


Two of my children, several years ago, had found information on the internet that encouraged them believe that someone was spraying things in the skies over America, and other countries. I refuted it. For years, in fact, I countered their arguments by saying that our government wouldn’t do this to us. I Told them it was conspiracy theory and assured them that everything was ok. Now, I think I might have been wrong…and they may have been right.

Picture taken around 9 AM 08/22/21-This image shows five different trails, each one pointing out like a fan. You can also distinctly see that these trails stopped at just about the same point each, almost creating a form of sick art in the sky.

This image shows four trails that were laid out over time, the one on the right is beginning to fan out into what they want us to believe is a real cloud.

8-26-21 The sky was starting to clear until this.

It’s almost as if they are trying to block our sunlight with artificial cloud cover.

I started noticing in maybe 2017 or 2018 that there were indeed some strange cloud formations in the sky. I also noticed that these jet trails were lingering for hours and hours and even spreading out to form, what appeared to be cloud cover. At first, it was just here and there and in my mind it was a ‘maybe’. I just couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that our government could allow this type of thing to happen. Whatever it is, it is clouding up our skies and reducing blue sky and sunshine. Of course, sunshine is where we get our vitamin D from. We need the sun. The sun is our biggest life-giver.

The government has now admitted to climate engineering. I’ve even seen some news pieces about it on mainstream media clips. So, it really is a thing. It’s something we didn’t vote on. It’s something they have just determined should be done, mostly, I believe, under the guise of climate change. So, if it’s for climate change, let’s talk about that for a second.

Is climate change real? I ask because the elites and those pushing climate agendas, really want to stop us from doing almost everything, in the name of climate control. They want to limit your traveling, limit your buying and consumption and even limit the amount of goods a business can produce, due to the ‘carbon footprint’. So, is this part of it? Or, is this something else? Having fought in a war and having been trained in chemical and biological warfare, I can tell you that a number of very bad things can be sprayed onto a population, almost all of those things are nefarious at worst and unhealthy at best.

Take a moment and watch this video showing the creator of the weather channel, refuting climate change and calling CNN out on their reporting about the subject, even telling the anchor to be quiet while he finished. Enjoy!

Here is an expert witness account of Geo-engineering. This has been happening for a while.

Well, you can make your own decisions about the funny cloud formations going on. I’m not entirely sure what it is and what it’s for. But, I want our clear blue skies back. I think we all need to start looking up and speaking up, just a little more.

In conclusion

As I was sitting at the beach yesterday, surveying the clouds that have come from the jet trails and spread across the sky, I felt a strong feeling that maybe the pilots spraying this stuff think they are helping us by spraying this cloud cover to cool the earth and save us from climate change. To anyone involved in the spraying of our skies, in any country, please wake up. Please come forward. Bring your information to the public so that the public can be aware and stand up against for our health and the health of our planet. Please give your information to Project Veritas.