We are in unprecedented times. Our freedoms are eroding so quickly, that it is literally a blur to most of us. Our normal is being changed, but not by us or our choice. As a Gulf War Vet and an ex-police officer, I am a fighter and a survivor. I also experience multiple health issues due to both EMF and environmental toxins because of my combat exposures. And…if you ask me, we are at war, being attacked, silently and stealthily.

No oversight and very little regulation to keep us safe.

The FCC has failed to require studies in relation to the health and environmental effects of 5G. Our government has, so far, failed to stop the installation of 5G networks, even though more and more people across the country and across globe are raising the alarm.

Cities where 5G has first been installed are the same cities experiencing COVID-19 hotpots. Wuhan, New York, Miami, New Orleans, Milan. Additionally, it is in these areas that our children are now experiencing what appears to be Kawasaki disease.

Why do we need 5G?

Well, we don’t. Telecom companies promote 5G for faster downloads. But really, why do we need to download a movie in 6 seconds? 5G is greatly for the ‘Internet of things’ (IOT) and will serve business and government,  not for you or my digital enjoyment. So…this is not for us. However, we will pay the price.

5G information Censorship?

If 5G is so organically benign, why are search engines like Google, and streaming platforms like YouTube, blocking search results for many 5G related queries? 5G is very very important to Google and is a cash cow for the telecom industry and companies like Space-x, which have begun deploying the first of nearly 20,000 satellites that will clutter our sky and beam 5G to nearly every location on earth. But for the people of earth, it will only cause loss. Loss of health, loss of privacy and loss of freedom. 5G allows for the second by second tracking of, well, almost everything.

Hidden towers

5G works differently than it’s predecessors, like 3G and 4G. With 4G, towers could be miles away from each other. With 5G, the signal is more concentrated and much stronger. Because of this, towers have to be much closer. It will not be uncommon to see 5G towers on every street in America, likely within a block or less from your house. And, they can be fairly small, so they can be hidden extremely well.

5G Cell Tower Next To School5G Cell Tower Under View

What do 5G small wireless cells look like? | Center for Electrosmog PreventionCrown Castle Withdraws 5G Small Cell Tower Application After Village Council Makes A Stink ...

Conspiracy theory?

The telecom companies have launched a massive effort to control the push back against the 5G roll-out, including disinformation and a really poor attempt at debunking 5G theories. Yet, no legitimate studies are available to prove those ‘no-harm’ claims. Please, please, establish your own opinion based on the information that is available. And, I also beg you to sign the petition. Additionally, if you agree, please share the links to this post because, well, again, our searches are being censored and people may not be able to find the information easily on their own.

It’s being installed quickly. And notice…hardly any showing in China now, including Wuhan. Do they have the 5G shut down there now??

Here is the link to the 5G map https://www.nperf.com/en/map/5g

As of 5-21-20


Sign the appeal…please.

Please take a moment to sign the appeal to stop the roll-out of 5G until the proper studies have proven that this technology is not harmful to our health and environment. And remember, it’s not just us that are being affected. Our bees, our bugs, our birds…all of us will be heavily affected if the 5G roll-out continues!

CLICK HERE TO SIGN: https://www.5gspaceappeal.org/the-appeal

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COVID-19 in Brazil


Just today, I saw on the news that Brazil is becoming or has become the next big COVID-19 hot spot. Each time I see a new hot spot, I always try to determine if the area has 5G. Rings true again. Here are a couple of articles. The first is an article talking about COVID-19 in Brazil. The next is an article that talks about how the US tried to convince Brazil not to allow 5G from a company that the US has now banned, but…they didn’t listen.




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